Lil Nas X Opens Up About His Love Life In New Interview—”I’m Dating Someone Right Now”

#Roommates, Lil Nas X has been at the center of the celebrity world ever since he dropped his record-breaking, Grammy-winning hit “Old Town Road” last year. He’s been very open with his fans in practically every aspect of his life, but his relationships have remained private…until now.

@People reports, in the latest issue of “CR Men,” Lil Nas X gets very candid about publicly coming out at the height of his fame last summer and reveals that there is a special someone in his life these days. The 21-year-old acknowledged that his massive success has made traditional dating difficult, but he has managed to finally find someone. “I’m dating someone right now. We’re not in a relationship yet, but it’s been on and off for the past few months. I’m maybe going to try to go steady this time,” he said.

Lil Nas X continued, explaining that the media automatically assumes he’s dating anyone he’s seen with. “I feel like if I put any guy solo in a picture with me, we’re automatically dating. One time, I was sitting in Subway with my brother, and then a few hours later there was [a headline], ‘Lil Nas X and his boyfriend eating Subway to celebrate 17 weeks at number one.’”

In a more serious moment of the interview, he detailed how his family reacted when he publicly came out as gay back in June 2019, specifically his dad. He stated that his dad “said some very Christian things” including that his homosexuality “could be the devil tempting” him. Lil Nas X confirmed the reaction wasn’t what he was hoping for. “It sucks, but I guess I saw it coming,” he added.

The latest issue of “CR Men” officially hits newsstands on October 9th.


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